From the Estudio Búsqueda to the Cirque du Soleil.


Friday the thirteenth

March heading into spring

as winter waves begin to calm

the youngest of our student family

brave David Azofeifa

an accordion playing

ball spinning

physical comedian

was chosen amidst a sea of aspiring artists

to perform in the next show

of Cirque du Soleil.


Last February

as David

took his second intensive workshop

with us at the Estudio Búsqueda

he asked el Maestro Sigfrido

to direct

to fine tune

a solo piece he had created

in our previous workshop

October 2014.

His intention

was to audition

for Yves Sheriff

a talent scout

for Cirque du Soleil

holding auditions

in Mexico City

at the National Center of Fine Arts.


David sailed clear

and passed

the treacherous waves

of a difficult audition.

He was chosen to be on the list

of possible future performers,

physical theater actors

for a possible future show.

Soon after

Sr. Sheriff contacted David

requesting additional

information and videos.


David finished our workshop

with much creativity

and perseverance

as always.

The tea leaves settled

and he was selected

to perform

in the next creation

of Cirque du Soleil

to be directed by

Daniele Finzi Pasca –

an artist we greatly admire.


David’s sincere

and constant efforts

have been recognized

and we are proud of him.

As David loves to remind us:

¡¡Pura Vida!!

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