Estudio Búsqueda de Pantomima-Teatro AC



Our new project "Communication Bridge" funded by The Taka Tuka Society, the RS Public Fund for Cultural Activities, and the EACEA

Communication Bridges involves three stages:

1) December 2012:
The Taka Tuka Society and the RS Public Fund for Cultural Activities organized The Third International Conference of Theatre Pedagogy ( entitled COMMUNICATION BRIDGE. The conference took place on Thursday and Friday, 13 and 14 December 2012 at the Grand Hotel Union, 1 Miklošičeva cesta, Ljubljana. The main aim of the conference was to present the aspects and methods of theatre use in education.  Renowned experts from Slovenia and abroad, working in the field of theatre pedagogy, demonstrated through lectures and practical demonstrations the meaning and the advantages of this discipline's various methods. The guest lecturers all held many years of experience and numerous international credentials.

The Estudio Búsqueda de Pantomima-Teatro presented the following lecture:

Popular Theatre: an Act of Communication

Popular Art is an original and very personal creation developing an idea or traditional theme from a specific society. Its creation is for the enjoyment of the local community.  This lecture explored the evolution of popular theatre, including Pantomime-Theatre itself as a form based on themes that relate to a specific community.  An historical description was be accompanied by live demonstrations and slide show.

Sigfrido also taught workshops to educators and theater artists about his method of physical theater and worked with the students of ZGNL --The Ljubljana School for the Deaf creating short comic pieces.

2) June 2013:

The Estudio Búsqueda traveled to to give movement theater workshops in Chengdu University as well as Chengdu School for Blind and Deaf Children.

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3) August 2013:

Students and teachers from The Taka Tuka Society and ZGNL --The Ljubljana School for the Deaf,  Ljubliana, Slovenia visited The Estudio Búsqueda in Guanajuato, Mexico to study movement theatre, prepare a piece of pantomime and clowning and met with other students and teachers of the deaf and hearing impaired.