Teaching in Chengdu China



Days passed and
we became more familiar
with our surrounding
though communication proved difficult.






Courageous Sigfrido teaches a workshop
without translator.
The students understood.
He bounces around the room
and makes jokes as usual
and they laugh
at the right times.




Tzintzun lectured.
The students viewed
his videos,
(amidst many challenging technical glitches)

asked many interesting questions
and sharing their courageous work
all basically without translator.



It is hard to know what they understand
but whatever they do grasp
is a window opened.
We continue experimenting with the food.

It is wild
hot and unrecognizable,
but hot as flames.
They use one type of chili that completely numbs your mouth
puts to sleep your tongue.
We love the variety of vegetables, fruits and seafood.


We have not seen another foreigner since we have arrived
but, though they stare,
no one tries to take advantage
of our disorientation.
They are easily coaxed to smile.

The older people are amazing
They stare as if we were monkeys
I find myself imagining
their life the changes they've seen. Their faces tell their stories.



The traffic is crazy
honking horns
and makeshift taxi motorcycles
much like Fellini's La Strada -
Anthony Quinn's "mobile home" motorcycle.

We work with the special needs school -
with the deaf students,
another communication challenge.

The deaf students are quite gifted
in following improvised gestures.
I am not sure who are the students
And who are the teachers.
Their presence is so dynamic and generous.




amazing experience
a new world
way beyond our comfort zone
yet very much welcome
into our lives.




Here is a documentary/experimental film on our experience...